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100 Diensten die je kunt bieden om ondernemers te helpen met bedrijfsgroei!

Building your own online business step by step will give you the confidence and reassurance that this is achievable for you. You have so much potential; allow yourself to grow!Silvy Fehring

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We frequently hear women who have worked and lived internationally for years about the difficulty of finding work at their new locations. Women with a professional background and substantial work experience in support roles. Women who join their partners to different places, different countries. Women who want to return to the workforce following a parental career break or who’s post has been abolished and made redundant at a later age find themselves in uncertainty and challenging situations.

This often results in loss of confidence despite the newly developed skill set gained as a result of these transitions. You have worked hard to become who you are and put in long hours to build a reputation. You’ve  established yourself through years of study and hard work only to find yourself having to start all over again without the same recognition, simply because your life path has brought you to a different location.

Whether it’s a challenge or an opportunity for you, there is a way to combine your knowledge and experience with your flexible family lifestyle in the best way possible for you and your family, and by having the best of both worlds. Possibilities of determining when and where you like to work, as well as determining the hours you like to work and who for. It’s possible while developing yourself on your most exciting journey.

The world is getting smaller, people say, because we are living in a time where the working world is rapidly changing and the global lifestyle is fast developing. This is the future and will further increase. We like to work together from our own expertise, independent of our location. We want to be flexible and liberated form the concept of working for one employer and free in our creative expression and development. This is a result of the numerous possibilities out there and because we have a bigger appreciation for a work life balance.

Have you ever considered or dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur?
Are you intrigued when you hear about the profession of a Virtual Professional?
Would you like to create a geographical independent business?
Would you like to build a business that allows you to work flexible hours and is easy to combine with family life?
Would you like to build a business that allows you to work in your own language while living abroad?

Working from your own professional expertise, independent of location through virtual techniques.

This is called a Virtual Professional (VP)


It’s a generic title. Effectively it considers a variety of roles and responsibilities. The professional expertise can range anywhere from administrative and secretarial support to event planning, bookkeeping, translating, marketing & social media, graphic design or video editing, just to name a few.

Large business organisations hire staff. Entrepreneurs and small businesses owners don’t have the resources to hire staff OR all the expertise needed. Yet they still have to find the time and knowledge to manage the daily operations of their business. Time and skills to run special projects and events.

This leaves little time left to focus on their core business, the profitable side of their business, let alone business development or growth. A well known struggle for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The Academy for Virtual Professionals teaches people with an existing professional expertise on how to create and offer their services as a Virtual Professional. The goal is to create multiple income streams to make it affordable for entrepreneurs and small business owners to buy their products or services. This in return creates more income security for the VP should one client leave.

As an equal business owner, the VP is also an excellent advisor on how to streamline and/or automate processes for their client’s business. This is experienced as a much added value.

Many of our students attend our trainings next to their day job to create a smooth transition with no career break. The Academy also trains many mothers and expat partners, as VP’s have the flexibility to combine their work with looking after the family or joining their partners anywhere.

How to start as a Virtual Professional?


We developed tailored trainings that allows you to:

  • Do what you love doing
  • Create a location independent business
  • Develop an expert status
  • Learn how to be an entrepreneur
  • Build multiple income streams

For more details we refer to the training programs below:

Certification Training Program

Would you like to create your own business but don’t know where to start? Do you get excited by the thought of working from home as a Virtual Professional based on your experience and expertise? Would you like to have the total package to start running a virtual business? Would you like to receive guidance and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs? Not only for your own professional benefit but also to use this knowledge to benefit your clients?

During the In 10 Weeks an Up and Running VP Business program you will create your own business step by step. All elements that form part of a business will be covered and implemented in 10 weeks to get you started with your first client. The SOM7® method forms part of this. A proven complete package with a profit model to differentiate yourself from others.

While many new entrepreneurs underestimate the steps involved and where to start, you know exactly what to do. Besides, your clients have an expectation that you know! You immediately discover where your strengths lie and how to apply this to benefit your business and the business of your clients.  

2-day Training

Do you already have a business but don’t work virtual yet? Do you want to make the step from contractor to Virtual Professional? Working from home and creating your own unique offer of your services? To be seen as an expert? To be part of a virtual team? Attract more clients? Or are you a Virtual Professional but have difficulties to brand your services and find new clients?

Becoming an entrepreneur is not complicated. Being a successful entrepreneur is another matter! Maybe you work as a contractor or a freelancer but it’s not what you expected. It feels like being employed: working fulltime in an office building for your boss.

Maybe you see possibilities to work from a virtual environment but haven’t been able to develop a matching offer of your services. An offer that is interesting for clients. That helps them to grow their business and turn their dreams into reality. An offer that is interesting for you. That helps you to get more clients, build continuity in your income stream and turn your dreams into reality.

Do you find it difficult to find clients? To develop a compelling offer? Do you repeatedly have to convince potential new clients about the benefits of working with you and how this can help with their business growth? The More Clients through an Irresistible VP Offer program is a 2-day training to learn what services are best for you and how to attract clients who can not resist your offer. Discover the possibilities with SOM7® .

Meld je hier aan voor mijn 2-wekelijkse videoblog voor inspiratie en nadere informatie over de opleidingen en ontvang direct de bewezen aanpak hoe virtueel werken jou vrijheid geeft:

100 Diensten die je kunt bieden om ondernemers te helpen met bedrijfsgroei!


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